Laureano Solis ︎︎︎ Graphic Developer 
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is an experimentation between dance, movement and technology and a pursuit to find the traits which compliment each other to create the perfect performance, colors and composition.

Scroll back and forth or pinch your fingers on a mobile device to explore and discover.
This project was created using babylon.js that is a web 3d javascript library.

Design and Code > Laureano Solis
Music > Rafa Caivano

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Keyboard shortcuts:
F > Paint the scene with the dancer's movement.
D > Random background color
S > Random color of the dancer.
A > Change dancer's position
W > Random camera position
Left Mouse Drag > Rotate the camera
Right Mouse Dragg > Move Camera Pivot
Q > Reset Camera Pivot Mouse
Wheel > Zoom In/Zoom Out
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7,8,9 > Change dancer color
"," & "." > Volume of the music
P > Create screenshot

Gracias  > Thanks!

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