Laureano Solis ︎︎︎ Graphic Developer 
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ECOS // Interactive Laser Installation
is an interactive work that invites participants to connect with a digital version of themselves, creating motion-sensitive projections through the use of video and lasers.
The essence of the installation is the playful and dynamic participation of the visitors. The experience is completed by the interaction of the users, responding precisely to the movement and gestures of the participants. The technical development is a combination of real-time video projections and simultaneous laser tracking, generating an experience that invites the exploration of movement.

First edition performed at the Comodoro Rivadavia Book Fair in July 2023, curated by Ivan Moiseeff.

Design and production Ignacio Bruno, Laureano Solis and Sofia Garazurreta.
Technical supplier Facundo Ceneri
Music Federico Boretti

Developed with @TouchDesignerOfficial and @madmapper
2024 Filmed & Produced in  Cordoba Argentina
> Project created along side my friends from CLAUSTRO